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Die Michael Jackson King of Pop

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Die Michael Jackson King of Pop

Die Michael Jackson King of PopDied this Thursday, on 25/06/09, the "king" of Pop Michael Jackson. The reason of the death of Michael Jackson would be a cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home after receiving a call at 16h21, horário de Brasília. Michael Jackson has arrived at UCLA Medical Center hospital in a state of coma. The death of Jackson was declared to 18h26 (Brasília).

Researchers from Los Angeles police said that Michael Jackson was taken by paramedics to the hospital with a severe cardiac arrest, which was later declared dead, informed a spokesman of the IML.

In a public statement at the hospital that Michael Jackson was taken in Los Angeles, Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson, said a team of doctors in the hospital became a hours trying to resurrect the king of pop.

Jermaine confirmed that firefighters found Michael Jackson with a cardiac arrest, but said it still does not know what caused it. "Our family asks that the media respect our privacy in this difficult time."

Disclosed the tape to emergency call from the house of Michael Jackson

The site specializes in coverage of celebrities TMZ published in this Friday (26/06/09), the audio recording the emergency call made from the home of Michael Jackson for the service 911, in Los Angeles.

"Fire and Medic 33, what is your emergency?"

"Yes, sir, I need an ambulance as soon as possible"

"Ok, what is your address?"

Los Angeles, California 90077 "

"It is Carolwood"

"Carolwood Drive, yes, yes"

"Okay, sir, what is the phone number of which is linking to us? And what happened? "

"We have a gentleman here needing help. He is not breathing, but we are trying CPR on him "

"What is his age?"

"He has 50 years, sir"

"He is unconscious, he is not breathing?"

"Yes, he is not breathing, sir"

"Okay, and he is unconscious?"

"He's unconscious, sir"

"He is down? Where is he now? "

"He is in bed now"

"Okay, let's put it down, we put it down, I will help you in resuscitation, ok?

"We need an ambulance"

"She is on the way"


"She is on the way and I'll help you over the phone while the ambulance is not enough. Has anyone seen him? "

"Yes, we have a private physician who is with him"

"Ah, is there a doctor?"

"Yes, but he (Jackson) is not responding to anything. He is not responding to resuscitation and nothing more "

"Okay, we're on our way. If you are doing the resuscitation with the help of a doctor, he is an authority than me. Someone saw what happened? "

"No, only the doctor, sir. The doctor was the only one here "

"Ok, then the doctor saw what happened?"

"Doctor, you saw what happened? (voice to the bottom - 'Yes ..'). Lord, it is the ambulance? "

"We are way, way we are. I have those answers for our paramedics and we are already getting. "

"Thank you, sir, he is doing the heart massage, but has no response."

"Okay, okay. We are on the way, we are less than a mile away "

"Thank you, thank you"

"Turn back with more details"


Clip Thriller of Michael Jackson

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