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Be Happy and Smile Happy Life Healthy Smile is

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Be Happy and Smile Happy Life

Healthy Smile is

Be Happy and Smile Happy Living - Healthy Smile isThe smile is the business card for new friendships, to crush a future, or even start for a job. Smiling is good for you and the people around you. If you see someone is not right for him to smile, show you both happy, and so they pay with a smile.

If the disappointment hit your soul,
Overshadowed destroying their dreams and new possibilities,
Think of the multitude of paths that can be opened for you in just one day, one hour, one minute ...

If the frustration caress his face,
Making you fall in front of obstacles,
Look back and see how you walked in and grew from each track sincere friends, love, unforgettable experiences ...

If the concern about the burden of day-to-day to take your mind and weaken your body,
Awakening the nervousness and stress,
Look at the horizon and try to find the exits to the problems instead of regret and find they are worse than they really are ...

If the lonely whisper in your ear words melancholy,
Remember that every day, every moment,
You know new people and that one in future, may be the great love of his life, that person will believe in you lit nights, which is always by your side ...

If you dwell on the sadness monitor,
Learn to see happiness in small things like a conversation with friends,
In a game with the dog in a crush at the bar or checkers with his grandfather ...

Routine is a word that does not exist, because each day brings little surprises ...

And after all that,
Look for yourself and see how special you are ...
Enhances their qualities and try to correct their defects
And know how much is privileged to be able to walk, fall, learn from mistakes.

Think about it ...
Dare to dream, as the dreamers see tomorrow. dares to make a wish, it'd open paths to hope and it is what keeps us alive.
Dare to find things that nobody else can see.
Do not be afraid to see what others can not.
Believe in magic, because life is full of it. But above all, believe in yourself because within you lies all the magic of hope, love and dreams of tomorrow.

If you go to cry,
that is of joy!
If it is to heat,
which is in the sun!
If it is to deceive,
it is only the stomach!
If it is to fall,
which is in the arms of those who love!
If it is to lie,
that is just the age!
If it is to steal,
it is just a kiss!
If it is to lose,
that lose the fear!
Where to stop,
that with the fights!
If to scream,
that is of joy!
If you go to die,
is in love!
If you be happy,
that all the time!
If someone is to Smile,
What is you!

"Do not look for the paths of happiness, because happiness is the way."

P.S.: These messages were collected via email, so it is of unknown authorship. Stay with the message and be happy =D

Stay with the video that will certainly play its sadness away. The video has audio but is subtitled in English. Put the original video without subtitles too. Smile, smile, smile and be happy. Life is not a bed of roses, but even so you can be happy.

The video is a short film and is called Validation, or validation.
Validation is a fable about the magic of free parking. "

Starring: TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis;
Writer / Director / Composer: Kurt Kuenne;
Winner - Jury Award, Gen Art Chicago Film Festival;
Winner - Best Short Comedy, Breckenridge Film Festival;
Winner - Crystal Heart Award;
Winner - Christopher and Dana Reeve Audience Award;
Winner - Best Comedy;
Audience Award, Hawaii Int'l Film Festival;
Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int'l Film Festival;
Best Short Film & Audience Award;
Heartland Film Festival;
Williamstown Film Festival;
Dam Short Film Festival;
Sedona Int'l Film Festival.

Vídeo Validation

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2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

oie vim agradecer seus diversos comentarios no como fazer web sou colunista lá posto como FRX
mas na verdade meu nome é Ferrockxia e sou dona do Exoticlic

valeu pela presença lá!

Metal Ômega disse...

@ Ferrockxia
Obrigado pela visita, já vi também seu blog, parabéns e parabéns pelo seu conteúdo. Abraços.

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