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First Training Classification of Formula 1 in 2009

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Watch the First Training

Classification of Formula 1 in 2009

Brown GP - Watch the First Training classification of Formula 1 in 2009See how training was the first classification of the "New" Formula 1 in 2009 in Melbourne Australia on 28/03/2009. There were many surprises among which she Rubinho Barrichello was second and Jenson Button who made the Pole Position in one of Brown twice GP unbelievable. Felipe Massa was not so well, being in sixth place. Lewis Hamilton has had problems in the exchange rate and drop in eighteenth place.

Start GP Grid of Australia - MelbourneSebastian Vettel, the RBR, has a third position at the end of training. He overcame the Polish Robert Kubica of BMW Sauber, who got the fourth time in classification. The German Nico Rosberg of Williams, all the best in free practice, finished in fifth place.

Felipe Massa, vice-champion of the 2008 season, marked only the seventh time, but was received by the double punishment of Toyota and leaving in the sixth. The Brazilian's Ferrari was eight tenths slower than Jenson Button, but overcame his team mate, the Kimi Räikkönen. The "Iceman" wide only in the seventh, 130 milliseconds worse.

GP of Australia - MelbourneTimo Glock and Jarno Trulli, who had marked the sixth and the eighth time, had their time outside the training because the rear of the two Toyotas MUNI breach the rules of flexibility. Therefore, the dual will in the last positions of the grid to start.

The Australian GP will have 58 rounds, its perimeter total is 5 kilometers, the total distance will be 307 kilometers, and the last winner was Lewis Hamilton in 2008.

Video Training classification of Formula 1 (28-03-2009) Q1

Video Training classification of Formula 1 (28-03-2009) Range Q1

Video Training classification of Formula 1 (28-03-2009) Q2

Video Training classification of Formula 1 (28-03-2009) Range Q2

Video Training classification of Formula 1 (28-03-2009) Q3

Training classification Fórmula1 Result Classification (28-03-2009)

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